Huadeli Zhongyi's operations and services in the field of packaging equipment are unique. Years of experience and strict user management make it a supplier that can do its best to meet all customer requirements. By purchasing any of our products, you have received reliable and lifelong after-sales service. Here we make the following commitments:

1. All equipment provided by our company is guaranteed for one year (except for vulnerable parts). During the warranty period, our company is responsible for free maintenance for problems caused by the defective equipment itself.

2. Once the contract is concluded and the customer order is issued, the indefinite after-sales service period is entered. We will accurately and timely provide the spare parts ordered by customers and provide all kinds of services required by customers, and we are obliged and responsible to answer any questions raised by customers at any time.

3. Our company is responsible for customer training and lifelong technical support.

4. make every effort to make every customer satisfied with us and make every customer satisfied with our service.

5. After the order is issued, we will establish contact with the customer. At the same time, our company always pays attention to the customer's system layout, gas path, water path, circuit, etc., whether there are problems and the project progress, so as to start and debug the customer in time.

6. During the operation period of the equipment, regular customer patrols to understand the operating status of each equipment, inspect the equipment, eliminate possible hidden dangers, and guide customers in maintenance. At the same time, we will also understand the operating status and maintenance of each equipment in various ways The maintenance status, as well as the customer's spare parts storage conditions, provide our advice in time to ensure that each equipment is efficient, low-cost, and trouble-free.

7. Once the fault occurs, we will respond immediately. On the one hand, we will deal with it quickly by phone or fax; on the other hand, we will assign after-sales service personnel to the user site as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours). After arriving at the scene, a conclusion analysis shall be made within one hour, and the client's consent shall be sought for immediate processing. At the same time, customer opinions are recorded, and as long as the customer's request is reasonable, it is unconditionally satisfied.

8. We should establish cordial and good cooperative relations with customers, learn from each other in cooperation, listen to customers' suggestions, and respect customers' opinions. When starting up, we will systematically and standardizedly train operation, maintenance and management personnel; at the same time, in the future, we will also use our personnel’s every visit and our fax to provide knowledge and experience in equipment operation and maintenance. Pass on to users without reservation.

   "Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society", report your choice with our sincere service, and thank you for your trust with our first-class quality!